Infant Program

Briar Patch Corner Infant Room
The infant room

Briar Patch Corner offers your infant an environment that is responsive to their individual needs. Our loving staff responds with warm smiles, gentle words and comforting touches to assure your baby that they are safe and secure. Our infant classroom is visually stimulating yet offers a soothing rest area.

All babies actively explore play areas during their day. We develop a daily schedule that is designed to meet each infant's needs. During the day your infant will have teachers that sing, cuddle, read and play with them.

Our curriculum incorporates what we know about a baby’s brain development, what we know about typical development in babies, our philosophy of self esteem and the importance of making every minute count with babies. We offer daily opportunities for the development of your infant in areas of social/emotional, language, small and large motor, and sensory. At the end of the day a detailed account of your baby’s day will be sent home with you.

You will be required to provide Briar Patch Corner with the required enrollment forms, 2 bottles, formula or breast milk, diapers, wipes, extra clothing (labeled with your infant’s name), 2 pacifiers (if desired), single layer blanket, 2 bibs, 2 burp cloths, and over-the-counter products (i.e. fever reducing medication, diaper ointments) labeled with your child’s name, on or before your child’s first day.