Tuition Fees

Our tuition is as follows:

  • Infant: $32.00 per day
  • Toddler: $30.00 per day
  • Preschool: $30.00 per day
  • Pre-K: $30.00 per day
  • School Age: $30.00 per day school release and summer
  • $15.00 before and after school.

Because of staffing requirements you are expected to pay for the days your child is scheduled to attend. You must give 2 weeks notice of planned vacations.

If your child is full-time (Monday-Friday) you will be credited if a holiday falls on a week day. If your child is part-time you will pay for your contracted days.

Payments are due before services are rendered. We require payments to be made Thursday morning for the upcoming week. Any accounts that are not current on Friday noon will result in a $25.00 late fee assessed to your account.

Please remember that your fee is based on the hours you contract for, not the hours that we are open. If you drop-off or pick-up before or after your scheduled hours, you will be charged a late fee. The late fee will be as follows: You will be charged a late pick-up rate of $5.00 for the first 15 minutes that you are late and $1.00 for every minute after, unless it is prearranged. This late fee is per child. No discounts will be offered on late pick-up rates. This is to assure that children are picked up on time. Late drop off does not constitute late pickup. This is also assessed to early drop-offs.

You will be notified of any rate increases.

A year end statement of all childcare fees paid during the past year will be given to you in January of the next year for tax purposes. You will be required to sign a copy of this statement.

Full time and part time

Briar Patch Corner reserves the right to fill Part-time slots with Full-time slots. You will be given proper notice if this will be happening.

Supply fee

We will charge a $50 supply fee due August 15 of each year. This fee is used to buy special project supplies, periodicals, etc… for the year. The supply fee is due at the time of year you register if you miss the due date.


When you register your child a $75.00 registration fee is required per child. This fee will hold your child’s spot. This fee is non-refundable.

Snack fee

A $3.00 per month snack fee will be charged monthly. This fee is per child and is due by the 5 of each month.

Family sibling discount

Families with two or more children enrolled receive a ten percent discount on the second and all subsequent programs. The ten percent discount is given on the least expensive of the programs. Sibling discounts are not given on field trip fees, late fees or summer activity fees. The discount is not to be used in conjunction with any other discount nor is this discount applicable if full tuition is not received for the first child. If your account is not up-to-date this discount does not apply.

Additional information