Childcare Programs

Briar Patch Corner has four fully staffed, age appropriate rooms for your child.

The Infant Room

All babies actively explore play areas during their day. We develop a daily schedule that is designed to meet each infant's needs. During the day your infant will have teachers that sing, cuddle, read and play with them.

The infant room is licensed for 20 infants with two full time staff.

The Toddler Room

Briar Patch Corner offers a toddler program geared toward the eager energetic toddler. Our program allows toddlers to develop independence and self esteem in a safe and supportive environment.

The toddler room is licensed for 14 children.

The Preschool Room

At Briar Patch Corner we offer a preschool program that aides the child in developing self esteem critical to the child’s future success and happiness. We offer a theme based/hands on program that allow children to make choices and be successful. Careful consideration is given to the classroom arrangement and selection of developmentally appropriate toys and equipment.

The preschool room is licensed for 20 children.

The Pre-Kindergarten/ School Age Room

Our pre-kindergarten program offers your child the opportunity to refine and develop the skills needed for a successful school experience. Our program offers quality learning experiences that are vital to school readiness. Daily the children in our program experience math, language, writing, science, large/small muscle and social skills.

The pre-kindergarten room is licensed for 15 students.

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